Statement of Purpose

PI/CPC – Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community serves two purposes:

  1. The Public Information Committee provides accurate AA information to the public when requested. We carry the message by getting in touch with the media‚ schools‚ senior centers‚ libraries‚ hospitals‚ or any other appropriate venue‚ providing speakers and AA literature when asked. We emphasize our Traditions of anonymity‚ singleness of purpose and non affiliation.
  2. We share what AA is and what AA isn’t and also tell a bit of our personal stories to show how we have recovered from the disease of alcoholism through AA’s 12 steps. We provide meeting schedules and literature to hospitals‚ jails‚ and police departments‚ courts‚ libraries and senior centers.

The Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee provides information about AA to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession – health care professionals‚ educators‚ clergy‚ law enforcement‚ court officials and those working in the field of alcoholism.

The “Doctor Packet” and “Clergy Packet” are examples of reaching out to the professional community. Information is provided about where we are‚ what we are‚ what we can do and what we cannot do.

How do I get involved?

We invite any AA member who is interested in getting involved in PI/CPC work to attend our business meeting‚ as there is more to do than there are people to do it.

Where do you meet?

PI/CPC committee meeting – in-person & online (hybrid)

The committee’s business meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm and the Training session for new speakers is at 7:00 pm.



S.C.I.F. Bookstore
750 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa‚ CA 95405

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What positions are available?

Since we provide speakers for the Sonoma County Drunk Driving Program (DDP)‚ we have coordinators who are responsible to obtain speakers for various days of the week.

Speakers for non-AA functions need 2 years of continuous sobriety and a working knowledge of the Steps and Traditions. We train speakers because speaking at “non AA” events is different than chairing an AA meeting. Speaker training is at our monthly meeting.

Not a speaker? Attend our meeting and find other ways to help.

Contact Information
Eileen L., Chair
Email: picpc@sonomacountyaa.org