Bridging the Gap

Statement of Purpose

Bridging the Gap is a General Service sub-committee that supports that very important first step for alcoholics who have just been released from a hospital‚ treatment center or correctional facility. By providing a temporary contact‚ Bridging the Gap helps newcomers make the transition to Alcoholics Anonymous in his or her home community.

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous‚ usually in pairs‚ meet the patients or inmates after release and accompany them to their first A.A. meeting. As in all 12-step work‚ this activity is strictly voluntary.

How do I get involved?

Contact the BTG Chairman at the email below or come to our monthly meeting.

Where do you meet?

3rd Tuesday of the month
Orientation at 6:00 pm, Meeting starts at 6:30 pm

AA Central Office/Bookstore
750 Mendocino Avenue‚ Ste #10
Santa Rosa‚ CA 95401

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What positions are available?

We’re always looking for volunteers to fill our phone list. When someone requests our service‚ we provide them with a volunteer to meet them at their first A.A. meeting. We try to have a volunteer available who is someone around their age and gender‚ who lives in their neighborhood‚ who can meet them at the volunteer’s home group‚ introduce them to the fellowship and make them feel welcome and at home. It is usually a one-time commitment‚ and as in all 12-step work‚ should be done in pairs. To be a volunteer‚ it is suggested that you have at least 6 months sobriety and a working knowledge of the twelve steps.

There are also service positions available on the committee. These service positions include chair and alternate chair positions‚ recording secretary‚ phone coordinators‚ Intergroup liaison‚ H & I liaison and presentation teams.

For more information about volunteering for Bridging the Gap, please contact us.

Contact Information
Nicole F., BTG Chair
Phone: 707-590-5430

Volunteer Form

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