Get Into Service

Service to alcoholics and to AA is a vital part of what keeps us sober. Through service‚ we find ourselves in the middle of AA‚ surrounded by the fellowship and other willing and happy servants. Being in the middle keeps us safe from ourselves‚ safe from apathy‚ safe from drifting away. We no longer feel we are not “a part of‚” because we are working with others and for others. We belong! We make new friendships with sober members‚ learn from them‚ and enjoy a new dimension of fellowship. It’s a long way from the middle of AA to the edge or to the outside of AA. And after being of service for a while‚ we no longer want to be anywhere else!

In addition to the service positions available in meetings‚ working with others can take many forms. Here are the service groups in Sonoma County in which you can get involved.

Access Sonoma County

The mission of Access Sonoma County is to explore‚ develop and offer resources to make the Alcoholics Anonymous message and participation in our program available to everyone who reaches out for it.

There are no “special needs” in AA! We all need to hear and carry the message‚ attend meetings and work the steps‚ but for some‚ there are significant barriers.


Each year, Sonoma County A.A. hosts holiday celebrations known as Alkathons – meetings and fellowship around the clock.

If your meeting would like to be a host, please fill out the form on this page.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a General Service sub-committee that supports that very important first step for alcoholics who have just been released from a hospital‚ treatment center or correctional facility.

By providing a temporary contact‚ Bridging the Gap helps newcomers make the transition to Alcoholics Anonymous in his or her home community.

Bookstore / Central Office

The SCIF Bookstore / Central Office is staffed by volunteers who answer questions from visitors and phone inquiries‚ staff the volunteer desk selling books and other products and help with administrative tasks as needed.

General Service

Sonoma County General Service‚ District 12‚ serves the groups of Sonoma County. It is one of 22 Districts that make up California Northern Coastal Area 06 (CNCA). These Districts of Area 06 provide the chain of communication between the groups they serve and the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Hospitals & Institutions

The only purpose of the Hospital and Institution Committee of the Northern California Council of Alcoholics Anonymous is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the alcoholic who is confined. The activities of this Committee are based on‚ and governed by‚ the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Sonoma County Intergroup Fellowship is a service body directly responsible to the A.A. groups of Sonoma County. Its primary purpose is to meet the needs of the A.A. groups and to provide services as required.

The monthly General membership meeting provides an opportunity for group representatives to provide direction for Intergroup‚ to share group experience and problems‚ and to keep their groups informed about other service activities in the AA community.


Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community serves two purposes:

The Public Information Committee provides accurate AA information to the public when requested. We carry the message by getting in touch with the media‚ schools‚ senior centers‚ libraries‚ hospitals‚ or any other appropriate venue‚ providing speakers and AA literature when asked.


In May of 2004‚ Sonoma County Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (SOCYPAA) was formed to carry the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) message to alcoholics who still suffer. Being cognizant that not all young people (or young at heart) may find our meetings (business/spiritual) and events necessary‚ we do not propose to be the only answer to‚ or governing body of‚ young people in the Sonoma County area.


Sonoma County Teleservice is a group of alcoholics who answer the local AA Hotline 24 hours a day‚ seven days a week. Calls to the Hotline range from requests for meeting information‚ general information about AA‚ people who want to stop drinking or are afraid they will drink.