Bookstore / Central Office

Help Wanted

We’re looking for someone to join Bob & Glenn as an additional paid
Supervisor / Assistant Manager

Retail and Tech experience please!
(ask for an application)

Online Store:
Phone: (707) 546-2066

Statement of purpose

The SCIF Bookstore / Central Office‚ acting as both a Central Office and AA bookstore‚ is staffed by volunteers who answer questions from visitors and phone inquiries‚ staff the volunteer desk selling books and other products and help with administrative tasks as needed. The Bookstore offers AA Conference approved literature and Grapevine literature‚ tapes‚ and CD’s‚ as well as an assortment of chips‚ stickers‚ jewelry and other items. We provide free meeting directories‚ newsletters‚ event flyers‚ and other resources of interest to local members. The office houses archives displays for Intergroup‚ General Service and the Hospital and Institution committees of Sonoma County.

Bookstore hours

  • All Year
  • Monday through Saturday 10am – 6pm
  • Closed Sunday
  • Holidays Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years
  • Open all other holidays
  • Online Store is Open 24/7

How do I get involved?

Visit the Bookstore during regular office hours. Talk to the manager or volunteer on duty; if you are interested in becoming a volunteer‚ see the information below.

AA Central Office/Bookstore
750 Mendocino Avenue‚ Ste #10
Santa Rosa‚ CA 95401

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What positions are available?

Volunteers in service at the Bookstore / Central Office are required to have one year of sobriety and a working knowledge of the steps and traditions. Volunteers can opt for 6 month or 1 year service commitments that are generally scheduled as a four-hour shift two times a month. Shift openings are announced at the monthly Intergroup meeting and are published in Fellowship News‚ the Intergroup newsletter. Applications for volunteer commitments are available at the bookstore or by email.

The ICSC (Intergroup Central Service Committee)‚ a subcommittee of Sonoma County Intergroup Fellowship‚ provides oversight of the Bookstore and supports its paid Manager. ICSC members are elected twice a year at the Intergroup meeting. Candidates must have five years of sobriety‚ business or professional background‚ and substantial AA service experience.

There is also a Bookstore Auxiliary for those with less than a year or those that just want to help out with Bookstore projects.

Contact information

Bob F. Office Manager
Glenn C. Assistant Manager