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Statement of Purpose
Sonoma County Intergroup Fellowship is a service body directly responsible to the A.A. groups of Sonoma County. Its primary purpose is to meet the needs of the A.A. groups and to provide services as required.

The monthly General membership meeting provides an opportunity for group representatives to provide direction for Intergroup‚ to share group experience and problems‚ and to keep their groups informed about other service activities in the AA community.

Intergroup publishes this website‚ a Meeting Directory updated twice yearly‚ and SCIF Fellowship News‚ published monthly with information on Intergroup events‚ AA committee meetings‚ news from local service committees‚ and articles on topics of interest to the AA's of Sonoma County.

The Seminars Committee provides seminars on topics of interest to the AA members of Sonoma County. The Activities Committee organizes 4 or 5 social activities yearly. During the winter holiday season‚ SCIF sponsors Alkathons-24 hour continuous meetings and fellowship‚ on Thanksgiving‚ Christmas‚ and New Years eve/day.

For more information on other Intergroup services‚ see "Central Office/Bookstore" and "Teleservice" on this website.

How do I get involved?
You can get involved by becoming an Intergroup Representative for your meeting‚ if it doesn't have one. An Intergroup Rep should have at least one year of sobriety and be able to attend the monthly Intergroup meeting. New reps should attend the Orientation Meeting at 7:00 pm. You can also be involved by participating in one of the Intergroup committees; find out more about them by checking the newsletter or asking your Intergroup representative.

Where do you meet?
Intergroup meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30PM. New Reps meets at 7:00PM for orientation.

St. Luke Lutheran Church
905 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa‚ CA 95401

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Contact information:
Justin C.
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